Zor ka Jhatka for Captaincy!
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The day begins with Rajev writing a poem for Aashka and Rohit, listening to which Aashka breaks down. Soon Rajev and Niketan are seen chatting up in the kitchen talking about how Karishma vanished into thin air yesterday. The two were anticipating what will happen today and then they start bickering about Imam and his behaviour in the house.

After some time, when Sana wants to go and have a bath, Niketan tells her that he has kept some hot water for her and Rajev taunts Niketan that he has suddenly become too sweet towards Sana. He also makes fun of how Niketan would shoot with the gun on Rajev’s shoulder. 

As the day passes, Bigg Boss makes an announcement that the captain this week will be chosen on the basis of a task and not just by votes. Bigg Boss also announces that Imam’s captaincy has come to an end and that he should shift his luggage out. Rajev tells everyone that he cannot share his bed with Imam. Post the captain task announcement, every contestant in the house is seen discussing captain nominations when Niketan gets a call from Bigg Boss which brings a twist.

In the evening, Bigg Boss sends in a letter announcing the task for the captain selections. Aashka, Rajev and Uravshi – the nominated contestants get ready to perform the task. As Aashka refuses to perform the task, Sana performs the task on her behalf. Post the nominated contestants’ performance, Bigg Boss gives the other contestants a chance to perform and win. Niketan takes it up and wins the task eventually becoming the captain of the house for the next two weeks and being the first finalist of Bigg Boss Season 6. 

Post the task, Niketan takes pride in completing the task in a matter of few seconds and winning the task successfully. He shares his life story with Delnaaz and Aashka telling them that he is here since he is in dire need of money and that his family is undergoing a financial crisis. 

As the day ends, Aashka, Delnaaz and Sana are having a conversation by the pool side where Sana tells Delnaaz that she would want to exchange her Christmas gift that Delnaaz gave her for something else and soon Aashka, in a jest, gets into a physical fight with Delnaaz and Sana. 

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