"Zid karo aur duniya badlo" says last season’s winner – Ragini Makkar #IGT6
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Ragini Makkar and Naadyog were the winners of India’s Got Talent Season 5. The group presented the Indian ‘Classical Kathak’ on stage. They worked hard day and night to refine their moves and nailed it in the end with just one desire in heart ‘To make India proud’.

Ragini says “Without vision and focus no dream can ever come true”

We recently had a quick chat with Ragini Makkar as she spoke to us about her life ever since winning the trophy. Read on!


Q: How has life been treating you after winning the trophy? 

A: People have started giving us a lot of respect. Every parent wants their child to learn ‘Kathak’ which expands my heart with pride. And this holds a lot of importance to me. This acts as an energy booster and I want to go even further with my institution. We’ve become popular everywhere!


Q: What do you think was that one key factor which helped you and your group become winners?

A: I think it's those sleepless nights and only one aim to make our nation proud! Also I believe hard work, dedication, devotion, realization and punctuality will make you never give up ever in life. You must believe that you can do it. And if you have to win you should be ready to take the challenge head on, and that’s what we exactly did.


Q: What are your future plans with your career?

A: I want to do everything on my own, not taking any help from anybody.  I want to make my own ‘Gurukul’  and that’s a big project. And I know that’s another challenge I am going to face. I want to make a residential institution wherein my students can stay and where they can learn such an authentic skill. That’s my dream and I know it’s not going to be easy, but I will do it.



Q: Any major challenges you faced whilst at IGT and during last stages of performances?

A: Yes, I developed a problem in my knee which was making it impossible to do certain mudras . But when you have the fire not to give in how can you deter? I took care of my health but continued with the regular practice.


Q: Any favorite judge?

A: I liked everyone, honestly! But I was really impressed with Karan Johar’s knowledge about Kathak. I had somewhere read in an article where he mentioned in detail about different forms in Kathak and I was amazed! I truly respect him for that and would want to meet him again in future.


Q: What’s your tip to become a winner?

A: “Zid karo aur duniya badlo”. Bring a positive spirit in you, not to harm anyone, but to be true to yourself. And then the world will be at your feet!


Now this is called being really passionate! Isn’t it? And the good news is that the new contestants are as as spirited and passionate as their seniors!


Do not forget to tune into the launch of the sixth season of India's Got Talent this Saturday, 18th April at 9PM!

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