Zain’s angry with Aaliya over Gauhar!
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  • July 24, 2014
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In the last few episodes, we saw that as soon as Aaliya got to know about Gauhar being pregnant with Rizwan’s child, she showed her disagreement towards Rizwan and Aayat’s engagement. Acknowledging the sensitivity of the matter, Ghulam and Shabana cancel the engagement. This catapulted into a serious issue and Abdullah family show their disapproval towards Aaliya for supporting Gauhar over her own sister. This has fueled tension between Zain and Aaliya and he began to think that Aaliya is helping Gauhar despite him being against her.
On the other hand, Rizwan and Aayat are adamant on being together hence they have eloped. Aaliya suspects that it is Zain who has helped Aayat and Rizwan in eloping. She remains disappointed and angry with him.
Will Aaliya’s fight for truth create distances between her and Zain? Keep watching Beintehaa to know more!

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