You’ll see a lot more of Bharti in Sanskaar soon: Yashashri
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Yashashri Masurkar has definitely created an impact with her silent but strong role of Bharti in Sanskaar. With her on-screen wedding coming up, we decided to chat with the pretty lady about the show. 


Q: Hi Yashashri, how did you get the role of Bharti and what attracted you to the role?

Yashashri: I auditioned for this role way back in 2011. I was selected then but had to wait for a long time to play Bharti but it was worth it. Bharti represents the modern Indian girls who respect her elders but are strong at the same time. She is ideal “Sanskaari” girl, and that is what I liked about her. 

Q: Who is your favourite co-star on the show?

Yashashri: It is very difficult to say as I love the whole cast. As I always say that it is a madhouse on the sets (laughs) I have never seen all the actors on a show getting along so well. You know the first thing we do when we see each other is shout out each others’ names and hug. After that we do a survey, ‘aaj khaane me kaun kya laya hain?’ (laughs some more) We all eat together, share our food and gossip and laugh between takes. All of us have a special bonding from Day 1 and I hope it never changes. 

Q:Is it difficult to play a soft-spoken character when you’re bubbly in real life? Are you ok with all the crying that you have to do?

Yashashri: Yes, it is so difficult! Sometimes you feel like protesting as a character but you can't! As Yashashri I feel like slapping Ankit (the character, not Avinash) again and again but Bharti as a character can't do it. I guess that's the fun. It is a character and I try to play it convincingly.

Q: What do you have to say about all the molestation attempts made on you by Ankit? He’s pretty young in real life, so how do you do these scenes?

Yashashri: Hmmm…I was really worried when I heard I have to do those scenes with a 15 year old boy. I mean, he’s a kid! But he is a good actor and such a cutie pie in real life, so I had no problem shooting those scenes.

Q: You are getting married soon on the show, how exciting is the track? How do you think your character will progress in the future?

Yashashri: I am so excited about Bharti's wedding! I can't reveal too much about the track though, but I promise that it’s full of drama and twists. My track will develop slowly and hope it makes that special place in the viewers’ hearts. 

Q: You looked pretty in the ‘panetar’ on the show. Is it close to your dream bridal look?

Yashashri: Thank you! I haven't really thought about my dream bridal look yet but I guess it won't be very flashy. I’ll choose to keep it minimum and elegant!

Q: Any incident on sets that you would like to share with your fans?

Yashashri: Yes! But it was more scary than funny. I was walking on our set (which is surrounded by a jungle) with Lily bua. I saw a very different bird, so being my usual self, I went to get a closer look Suddenly I heard a sound and when I looked in that direction, there was a sleek brown snake with his tongue out and his black eyes were glued on us as he moved near us! I reached for Lily bua’s hand and shouted ‘Bhaago’, and she trusts me so much that she ran even without asking why. I went back with my camera and my dog army. (we have lots of dogs on our set and I call them my ‘dog army’) but couldn't find that snake. 

Q: Your fans complain that they don’t get to see enough of you. What’s your take on it? 

Yashashri: I complain too! (laughs) But I would just request everyone to be patient. Sanskaar has just started and it takes time to develop a character. But I promise that you’ll see a lot more of Bharti soon. 


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