You would want to know who won the next task for 25 Lakh!
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The task set up was in the garden and Upen was declared as the Sanchaalak once again.Upen had to decide which contender would go first and he called out Gautam. As the first buzzer rang, Gautam stood over the wooden plank, after the second buzzer went, he held the iron rod with a large hook and moved the same over maze kind of a setup , without letting it touch the rod that would disqualify him from the game with a loud thud that would happen, if that touched the rod. I witnessed Gautam doing the task with all his concentration and patience, he was almost near the finishing point and then all of a sudden a big thud! The task also allowed the opposite team mates to distract them at work!


Then was the turn of Sambhavna, she started off well, but started getting affected when Dimpy from the opposite team started shouting and disturbing her in order to divert her focus. Sambhavna went furious and asked Dimpy to shut up right way!


What happened after that? Who came more close to the finishing point?

Forget about that! Can you guess the winner?


Watch the episode and know the same!


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