You would want to know what Salman’s reaction on entire episode was!
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As soon as Salman met the housemates through his 'Me TV' he saw Karishma and made a witty remark on her make up. He said that she was looking beautiful finally! He made a little fun of her telling that she was looking ‘Chalky’, as she had applied too much of makeup. He quipped telling “Itne dino baad makeup milne ka yeh matlab nahi ki sara laga lo.” Karishma felt a little embaressed and had no words for that. Moving onto Diandra, Salman said he thought it was Punzz dressed as woman. Diandra had shaved her head and was Bald. But I must admit that she looked gorgeous! Salman then brought along a very warm surprise for Upen as he got him connected to his mother and cousins over the phone. Upen was extremely emotional and Salman said this was his reward for sacrificing so much for the luxury budget task!.


A lot had happened over the week, and Salman thought to take this up very minutely. He said he didn’t want to quiz them out so fast but would want to know what they had to say on their own. Eventually, he came to Ali and Sonali, asking about their bit of the story to the whole fuss that was created. We hope whatever happens works in favor of everyone. But not too sure what was Salman’s reaction on Ali’s act. I also heard last that Ali and Upen were safe from eviction this week! Omg!! I wonder what Ali’s actual reaction was as he had been giving contradictory statements for the same.


Watch how Salman does the Vaar tonight @ 9 pm!


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