Yay! Ishani and Ranvir almost meet! #MATSH
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It’s been a huge turn of events for Ishani since the time she has stepped out of jail. First she got to know that Ranvir has moved on with Ritika in his life and then she met Devarsh and got to know the sad plight of her family. More so Devarsh even behaved rude to her, adding more salt to her wounds. In this entire trauma, she has found solace in Shikhar’s family as they have been sheltering her in time of need.

And in tonight’s episode we will see that once again Ishani will reach out for help to Shikhar. He takes her to the hospital to identify the goons’ face and leaves her there since he has plans to attend Ritika’s godh-bharai ceremony. While in the same hospital, Disha delivers a baby boy but the authorities don’t allow them to check out till they pay the bill. Ishani watches her family in problem from afar and decides to ask Shikhar for financial help.

Desperately looking for him, Ishani reaches the ceremony, not realizing that it is a function for Ritika and Ranvir is present in the same venue.  While Ritika is expressing her hurt over not being able to make her place in Ranvir’s life, Ishani enters the venue and finds Shikjhjar flirting with some girls. She asks him to loan some money and he agrees to help her out.

But while the two conversing, they aren’t aware that Ranvir is approaching towards them! OMG! Will he get to know that his love, Ishani, is alive? And will the two finally come face to face?

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