Yakub orders Jai to save Kiran! Synopsis- Episode 6 #24
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As doctors work to revive Janhvi, Jai calls Trisha to say he’ll be there as soon as he can. He tells Trisha to ensure that no one meets Janhvi until he gets there and that he will explain everything to her when he gets there. He then calls the hospital and speaks with Shinde, the hospital Security head and asks him to ensure that Janhvi Gupta meets no one. A few moments later, Jai arrives at the ATU and delivers the dead body to Nikita, instructing her to get forensics working on an ID. Then he takes Nikita’s car and drives off to the hospital. As he leaves, Tej approaches Nikita and tells her that Jai has no right to keep working as if the ATU is his personal office. Nikta gets annoyed with him and tells him to back off. 

Meanwhile, Yakub hands Rohit a shovel and orders him to bury Dev. After Yakub leaves, Kiran tells Rohit they need to plan an escape, but Rohit is too terrified and asks her to get away from him.

At Aditya’s hotel, KK comes to meet Naina who asks him to dig up dirt on Mahek Ahuja that they could use to influence her to not run the St. Stephen’s story. Aditya confronts Naina about KK and tells her that he wants nothing to do with KK or the solutions he will provide.

At Yakub’s compound, Kiran helps Rohit with burying Dev. Rohit tells her he never intended to get involved in anything of this nature. Kiran tells him that their only solution is to work together and find a way out of the place instead of just feeling sorry for themselves.  

About the same time, Jai arrives at the hospital and checks the security measures that have been put into place. A moment later, Jai meets Trisha and Abhay, saying the security measures will protect Janhvi, so no one can prevent her from talking to Jai. Jai also starts to question Abhay, which irritates Trisha, but as she scolds Jai, he sees a suspicious looking man trying to hide something entering the corridor of Janhvi’s room. Jai approaches and confronts him and in a scuffle, a packet of food falls down. The man says that he’s just trying to take some food to his wife and gets furious with Jai for attacking him.

Back at the hotel, Megha Singhania – Prithvi’s mother and Naina Singhania’s sister in law – arrives to tell Aditya that she will be present for that evening’s ceremony and that she wants VIP clearance. There is an altercation between Naina and Megha at the end of which Megha walks off after telling Naina that she will ensure that Prithvi becomes the Prime Minister.

At Yakub’s compound, as Kiran and Rohit are talking, another henchman of Yakub comes and forcibly takes her away. Rohit gets fearful when Max, the assassin steps out of the shadows and asks him to continue digging.

At the hospital, Jai gets a call from Nikita, who says they’ve learned the dead man was killed between 11 p.m. and midnight, about the time they first heard about the threats against Aditya. Nikita also tells him that she’s going to ask a hacker Mihir to help with the decoding of the SD card. In the meanwhile, Trisha apologises to Abhay for the way Jai had questioned him. Jai interrupts their conversation and pulls Trisha away and tells her about the Aditya assassination threats, and his belief that Kiran and Janhvi were kidnapped because Jai is assigned to protect Aditya. Trisha starts to cry, but Jai assures her they’ll get Kiran back

At the ATU, Nikita reassigns Jiah to the forensic investigation, and brings in another man, Mihir to work on the SD card decryption. It’s clear that Jiah is upset about relinquishing her role but goes ahead anyway. 

At the hotel, Aditya asks for Divya’s advice on how to handle the Mahek situation and tells her that he wants to come clean before she can. Divya suggests a special press conference but Aditya says that at the Labour Union meeting, the press will be there and he will make his statement then.

Meanwhile, Janhvi is wheeled out of surgery and Nikita calls Jai again to say they’ve found a custom-fabricated rod in the dead body’s leg, which can be traced. Jai asks Janhvi’s doctor when he can talk to Janhvi, but the doctor tells him that if it’s okay with Abhay, then a few questions won’t hurt. Abhay says that’s fine but he would like to spend some time with his daughter before that. Jai agrees and he and Trisha walk away. Just then his phone rings again. He expects Nikita, but instead it’s Yakub, who instructs Jai to move away from Trisha and walk out the hospital’s parking lot, or Kiran will be harmed. As Jai obeys, Abhay goes in to see Janhvi. Janhvi doesn’t recognise Abhay and it becomes clear that Abhay is an imposter. Before she can raise an alarm, Abhay puts a pillow on her head and suffocates her.

Outside the hospital, Yakub instructs Jai to get into another car and look in the glove compartment. Jai asks for proof, first, that Kiran is OK, and Yakub puts her on the line just long enough for Jai to see her and hear her voice. Then Yakub tells Jai to take a Bluetooth earpiece out of the glove compartment, place it behind his ear, and throw his cell phone out the window, which Jai does. Then Yakub instructs Jai to drive to ATU. Back inside the hospital, as Trisha tries to call Jai, Abhay rejoins her, saying Janhvi told him she was hit when she and Kiran tried to get away from the boys they were with, and that Kiran may have been taken to a place in Gorai. Trisha wants to wait but Abhay convinces her to come with him as he knows the place and Janhvi will be ‘asleep’ for a while. Trisha agrees to leave with him.

 Meanwhile, Yakub’s aide returns Kiran to Rohit, and he rolls Dev’s body into the grave. At the ATU, as Mihir works on the keycard, Nikita tells Jiah they’ve just ID’d the body. As Abhay drives Trisha to Gorai, she notices a fresh cut on his forearm (where Janhvi scratched him), but he insists he got it earlier. Just then, Trisha gets a call from Nikita, who asks her to tell Jai that the dead man is Abhay Gupta! Trisha realises that she’s in a car with an imposter. As Trisha hangs up, Jai continues on toward the ATU, Kiran and Rohit finish burying Dev, and Aditya considers his next move.

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