Wow! Ali and Dimpy are back again!
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  • December 9, 2014
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Oh great news! So everything is fine between Ali and Dimpy eh?, At least this is what it looks like! Throughout the day Dimpy and Ali were found hanging around together, in fact one moment I saw the two whispering into each other’s ears which looked as if there was some solid gossip happening! Hmmm…who could be the victims of their backbiting session??


Another instance I saw Ali and Dimpy discussing about the upcoming party.Ali was seen telling her that she should work as a waitress for his team. Ali mockingly said, “Dusri team ke guests ki drinks mein mirchi daal dena. Humaare guest tumhaare hain,unki khaatir mein koi bhi kami mat chodna,kyunki humein yeh task jeetna hai”  Oh Ali, you have have no idea that I have got to know about all your secretive plans! *Hahahaha* now when the party starts my eyes will be all upon Dimpy’s moves!

As these buddies discussed and plotted they shared giggles and laughter together! Ohho! Inki dosti ko nazar na lage!


Watch the exclusive task preparations tonight!


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