Witness the ‘Tripura Sundari’ roop of ‘Mahakaali’ this weekend!
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The story of ‘Mahakaali’ will get too interesting as it will be discovered that the asura named ‘Taarkasur’ has got the vardaan (blessing/boon) to stay immortal by Mahadev himself.




The real twist will happen when he would come face to face with Mahakaali as her greatest enemy! How will Mahakaali kill him then? The episodes this weekend will get too intriguing!




Further in the story we will see that Kaamdev, who was turned into ashes in the previous episode, will be re-created from the ashes as ‘Bhandasur.’ He will be formed in order to put a stop to the process of creation of Mahakaali and Mahadev’s ansh (offspring).




It is then when we will see Mahakaali turning into one of her avtaars as ‘TRIPURA SUNDARI’, Mahakaali’s main aim to turn into this avtaar will be to kill Bhandasur.
Will Bhandasur and Taarkasur get killed for being the greatest enemies of Mahakaali?




Watch this on coming Sat-Sun at 7 PM!​

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