With the season nearing it’s end, here’s a look at the top five villains on the show Naagin so far!
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The finale is defiinitely going to be one hell of a roller coaster ride with several twists and turns coming up your way. With the show nearing it's finale epiosde, here are a list of our top five favorite villains on the show so far. 


Sesha: Shivanya’s close confidante, her sister Sesha started out with helping Shivanya to avenge for her parents death but later turned against her after she falls in love with Ritik.


Nevla: Nevla which is known to be the naagin’s foremost enemy wants to kill Shivanya and this he intends to do by turning Sesha against Shivanya.


Peacock: Icchadhari mors are also known to hate naagins and guruma brings in the peacock to kill Shivanya and Sesha, however at the end gets killed by the two.


Yamini: The fifth killer on the show Naagin is Yamini. She killed Shivanya’s parents for the naagmani and pretends to be Ritik’s mother in order to get to the precious naagmani. 


Ankush: In order retrieve the naagmani, Ankush along with the others hide Ritik’s real father in a cellar in the house, while he pretends to be Ritik’s real father.

Don’t forget to catch the season finale.

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