Will Zain confess his love to Aaliya?
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  • May 20, 2014
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Finally that moment has come for which Zaya fans have been waiting desperately — when Zain and Aaliya will confess their love to each other. Recently we saw that Zain left a love letter for Aaliya. But as soon as Aaliya got up the letter fell down and Aaliya missed noticing it. But Zain again wrote “I love you” on a parantha while this time Aaliya also made an “I love you” impression on Sooji. Busy expressing their own “I love you” message both failed to notice each other’s confession.
But, best friend Rizwan has challenged Zain that he has to confess his love to Aaliya in two days. And Zain has accepted this challenge. Let’s hope this time Zain and Aaliya speak their heart out to each other. Keep watching Beintehaa to see what happens next!
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