Will Vishnu and Mukta come closer?, UTTARAN WEEKLY REVIEW 7th Oct TO 10th Oct
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At Bundela House, Akash was having a gala time, drinking and dancing with the girl he brought home. Akash’s plan to make Meethi envy stretched too far, when he fell and passed out. While Meethi was crying as she couldn’t see Akash like this, Vishnu as a responsible husband was by her side to console her. 


Later in the night she goes to have a check on Akash. She lays him well on the couch; removes his shoes and jacket and puts a duvet over him. When she was about to leave, Akash holds and her hand and asks her not to leave.


Back in the morning Meethi tries to remind him what all he did last night and made sure that the next time if any such thing happens, this time she won’t be there to make things easy for Akash. Though Akash probes her that it is the love for him that has made her do all that, Meethi walks out in vain.


Meanwhile in the Haveli, Mukta gets hold of a newspaper and comes to know about a Lawyer who has got a winning streak in all his cases so far. Jogi tries to get in touch with the lawyer named Rocky Sachdeva, but all his drills are futile. In effort to meet him, both Jogi and Mukta go to the court. Mukta runs after Rocky’s car and is about to fall, when Vishnu catches hold of her. Mukta reminds him that another day has passed and leave.


Back at Bundela house, while Meethi was setting up the closet, she intentionally drops a folder in front of Vishnu. The folder that she spotted earlier in the day had pictures of Vishnu and Meethi. She realizes that Vishnu still can’t get over Mukta and it’s high time that she need to do something. 


While Mukta is worried about her dad, she gets a message from a well-wisher that Nirbhay bears much more enemies and all the files related to these cases are in Aatishgarh. She leaves alone to get the files.  When Meethi comes to know this, she calls up Vishnu and asks him to reach Aatishgarh, unaware of the fact that he would be facing Mukta there instead of Meethi he leaves.


Back at Aatishgarh, Inspector refuses to hand over the files to Mukta, but then Vishnu arrives and sort things out with the inspector. On their way back, they are stuck in a traffic jam and are forced to spend the night at a small lodge. Vishnu calls up to tell Meethi about this, but she doesn’t answer her call. He then calls up Akash and asks him to pass on his message to Meethi. 


Akash teases Vishnu but then too informs Meethi about this. He then moves to Meethi’s room and confronts her whether she still loves Akash or not? Meethi tells him that even if she re-unites Vishnu and Mukta, there’s no way that she can return as Damini’s swear is what abides her by her promise.


Vishnu and Mukta have their moment, when she hugs Vishnu, getting scared of the lightning and her hairs are stuck to his shirt’s buttons. 


Will this bring Vishnu closer to Mukta? Or Will Akash change his mind and go back?

Stay tune to this space to know more.

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