Will Vidya be able to handle the situation?
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  • Nupur Jetly
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  • March 18, 2020
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  • 10:36 am

Tonight on Vidya, we will see Vidya speaking to mother and deciding on not mentioning Vivek’s involvement. She intends on taking the blame on herself if any truth comes out. The following day, she will be seen Vivken the same and asking him to make a promise of keeping shut if the truth comes out.  going forward, Vivek sees the flying squad crew coming to t school and gets worried. In order to keep Vidya safe, he tries t signal her, however, Vidya is too emotional as it’s her last day. On entering the premise, he asks everybody to stop writing. Vidya is shocked that she will be caught now but the officer says that he has come here to catch the cheater who has been cheating. 

Worried and full of emotions, Vivkek informs Mamta that Vidya will be caught today. He is helpless and crying inconsolably. Back in school, the officer informs the kids that if the person responsible for cheating doesn’t come out, everybody will be asked to stop writing the paper. Vidya then takes a stand and tells the officer that she will try and find the culprit. She demands for 15 minutes to which the officer agrees. What’s her next step going to be?

Tune in to Vidya tonight at 7 pm to find out more.

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