Will Tanuja tell Rishi the truth?
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  • September 28, 2016
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After a shocking face off between Tanuja and the Bedi family, the one who stands most affected is Rishi. Every faded memory of Tanu comes alive when he sees Tanjua and this upsets him greatly. 



Though he is trying to put on a strong front, he is still brittle from within.Tanuja, who has to face the bitterness of his conduct and words is shattered too. She is thrown out of the Bedi house, following which she gets attacked by the goons.



Katyani Baai rescues her from this mishap. Later, she goes on to tell Tanuja that she is reincarnation of Tanu. Tanuja is stunned to learn this truth and combats it with denial. 
Katyani Baai insists that she must reveal this truth to Rishi but will she?



Watch Kasam to know how the truth unfolds itself before Rishi. Tune in at 10 pm tonight!

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