Will Tanuja finally be able to join the dots between her past and Rishi?
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Despite several efforts, fate keeps bringing Tanuja and Rishi face to face umpteen times. No matter the severity of the situation, they feel a constant connect in some regard. Biji finds an uncanny resemblance between Tanuja and Tanu. She asks Rishi to give it a thought and takes a promise from him regarding the same.


However he isn’t aware that Tanuja has been appointed as his secretary and once he gets to know, he tells her off. Tanuja feels deeply insulted and upset. She decides to quit working with him.


Just when she was about to take a final call, Manpreet tells her the entire story of Rishi and Tanu. Listening to this, Tanuja gets flashes from the past and faints.


Will Tanuja finally succeed in finding out the connection between Rishi and her perpetual nightmares? Will she be able to uncover her past?

Watch the one hour special on Sunday at 7PM to know what happens next in Tanuja’s life.




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