Will Simar protect Prem from harm? #SSK
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Time seems to be playing a cruel joke on Simar and Prem. Each time the couple is to get back together, destiny plays its vicious hand and separates the two lovers. This time Prem has been abducted making Simar find him relentlessly.

The duo had just returned from Hongkong, where Simar had started a new life, but their re-entry in Bharadwaj family was left incomplete as Simar announced Surbhi’s pregnancy. Prem and the entire Bharadwaj family was shattered to know Simar’s decision to move away from Prem’s life and everyone tried their best to stop her. But Simar insisted on Surbhi getting her deserved place in the house.  Prem too was in much anguish over such turn of events, but he decided he can’t give away Simar’s place in his life to anyone else, even if Surbhi was expecting her child. 

After such emotional turmoil, the Bharadwaj family had to face another trauma as they heard the news of Prem getting abducted! Simar immediately began to look for her husband and together with Roli they placed their doubts on Khushi, who is usually caught in such fiend ideas. But surprisingly she too isn’t involved in Prem’s kidnapping leaving Roli and Simar in a clueless direction.

Who could it be that is trying to ruin Simar and Prem’s relationship? Could Surbhi have a hand in this? Or is it a new enemy of Simar-Prem? For now, we have full trust that like always Simar and Roli will get together and find Prem, come what may. The two have many times in the past fought like warriors and saved the Bharadwaj family and salute them for their relentless women power!

Keep watching this space for new updates!

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