Will Siddhant get married to Jhumki?
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Simar’s ploy of bringing Jhumki to Bharadwaj house has worked, and now the family is free from Khushi and Veeru. But one terrible side effect of this plan was that when Mataji overheard Siddhant talking about Jhumki’s reality, she couldn’t bear it, and fell severely ill. Though Siddhant has managed to convince Mataji about Roli, this has lead to the strange decision by Mataji to get Siddhant and Roli (Jhumki) married again.

With this new problem facing Siddhant and Jhumki, their choices are limited. They can either stick to the original plan and reveal Jhumki’s true identity, but with Mataji’s fragile state and the doctor’s advice of not stressing her out, it seems like an unlikely option. 

This situation will lead to a lot of stress for Siddhant as well as Jhumki and Simar. Jhumki, who had decided to take her money and leave as soon as her job (of getting the property back) was done, is now faced with a problem of taking care of Mataji’s health. And Siddhant, who has just gotten over the fact that he has lost Roli, will have to decide between his family’s happiness and his loyalty towards Roli. 

In this case, Jhumki can either stay with the family that she has learned to love in the last few days, or run away and leave Simar to explain the situation to the family. And of course, Jhumki’s growing feelings for Siddhant will definitely complicate things after this demand of Mataji.

Siddhant, who has always kept his family ahead of himself, will no doubt take a decision in favour of his family. So the chances of Jhumki entering into a sham marriage are pretty high. If this happens, it will be interesting to see if Jhumki can set her ambitions aside and become a true blue Bharadwaj bahu. 

Will Jhumki and Siddhant get married for Mataji’s sake? Or will Jhumki find a way out of the situation after her work is done? Tell us what you think in the comments section below. 

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