Will Shani refuse to become Karmphaldata once again?
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This week on ‘Shani’ till now we saw how Shani attacks Indra and Mangal and asks Mangal to remove Mangal dosh from Dhamini’s kundali. Mahadev refuses to protect Mangal. Eventually Mangal removes the dosh from Dhamini’s kundali. Shani also leads Mangal to not put Mangal dosh on someone else’s kundali.





Narad on the other hand provokes Ravan to take control over Shani, and the latter proceeds taking control over all the planets which puts Shani in danger. However Rahu tells Ravan how Shani defeated all the planets once in past.



Trinity discuss about how Shani should take back his form as Karmphaldata. Everyone is worried as Ravan is planning his attack on all the planets and Shani is the only hope for them.






During this week, Dhamini will get to know about the dand Shani got in past. She would also get to know how Mahadev blessed Shani by giving him the Vakra Drishti to do the justice. Dhamini will realize that Shani saved his mother when she was about to die, and after knowing all of this she would regret the fact that she cursed him. 


Want to know what will be Ravan’s next move in taking revenge? 


How will Dhamini release Shani from the given curse? Will Shani agree to become the Karmphaldata  once again? To know everything, keep watching the episodes.





The story will get more exciting this week!



Stay tuned Mon-Fri at 9 PM to know the full story of Shani.

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