Will Shani get banished from Dev Lok forever?
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Earlier, Mahadeva had reminded the Devas and Asuras that the creation of Earth cannot be pushed ahead anymore. To decide who of the two would reign on Earth, both parties had to choose a representative who would present their perspective in an open discussion.


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The hitch is that the representative, who loses the battle, will be banished from the Dev Lok and will have to live on the Earth forever.


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While Devas chose Surya Dev as their representative, the Asura Guru, Shukracharya wanted Shani to present their case in this epic meeting. The Gods were shaken by this and Surya Deva tried to pressurize Shani to back out because he believes it is a trap by the Asuras. On the other hand, Shukracharya reminds him that he has promised to help Asuras if they would ever need it.


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Shani says that he won’t go against anybody nor will he favour anyone. He will simply do what is rightful. He adds that if the Devas have chosen a strong representative like Surya Dev, then even the Asuras must get an opportunity to choose their representative, and hence, he will be with the Asuras in this open discussion to put across their perspective.


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The battle is now between the son and father, one of whom will definitely get banished from Dev Lok as per the condition. Considering that Surya Dev, is the all-powerful, will Shani be able to put up a good argument against him? Or will he lose and get banished from Dev Lok?

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