Will Saumya succeed in her attempts to get Harman and Surbhi close to each other?
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Keeping her promise to Preeto, Surbhi sacrifices her own life and marries Harman. After marriage Preeto also keeps her word and allows Saumya to live in the Bedi house, however, she warns Saumya to confine her presence to some corner of the house so that everyone will forget about her existence, including Harman.








On the other hand, Harman is extremely upset and deeply hurt that Saumya forced him to marry Surbhi. He is also completely baffled as he is unable to understand why Surbhi agreed to marry him. He expresses his displeasure many times and finally starts treating Surbhi in a demeaning way by making her sleep on the floor, talking rudely with her and so on.






Surbhi stands up for her sister on every occasion and tries to keep her involved in small things like having tea together, cooking together and so on. She also patiently bears with Harman’s behavior. She ensures that in front of Preeto and other family members, Saumya gets her deserved importance.






Saumya however, keeps trying to get the two of them close to each other. Will she succeed in her efforts?

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