Will Saumya break her promise?
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Ever since Nimmi's demise, Saumya has been completely taken aback. She would least expect this kind of jolt from life after so much had already transpired. When Harman sees her terrible unflinching pain, he decides to take up her responsibility. Saumya, who is shattered by this event that has occurred in her life, finds comfort in Harman and a shoulder to lean on in her sister Surbhi. 
However, Harman's decision makes his family really unhappy. Harman's family doesn't appreciate Saumya's presence amongst them, especially his mother Preeto who despises her. 
Preeto blackmails Saumya and tells her to keep away from her son at all costs. That is the only way to repay him for all that he is doing for her. 



Saumya accepts this and promises Preeto that she will keep her interactions at complete bay with him. 
In the meanwhile, Harman is trying to sort out the issues with Raavi's father-in-law. A verbal spat leads making things ugly between the two. Raavi's father-in-law toys around with Harman's car in such a way that there is break failure. Harman who isn't aware about this,  meets with a terrible accident. 
When this news reaches Harman's family hell breaks lose. Saumya, who hears this, cannot hold her emotions back and wants to meet Harman at the earliest. However, no one takes her and this makes her all the more miserable. When Harman is brought back home, Preeto stops Saumya from meeting Harman and reminds her of the promise she made.


What will Saumya do now? Will she break her promise or will she continue to keep her word?  To know  more, keep watching Shakti, Mon- Fri at 8PM!

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