Will Sangya be able to destroy Chhaya forever?
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Upon her return from the penance, Sangya has been getting rude shocks one after the other. Firstly she is unable to digest the fact that Chhaya has borne a son, Shani. She is also upset that her own father, Vishwakarma is supporting Chhaya.


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Sangya wanted to destroy Chhaya as soon as she was back but Vishwakarma intervened and Chhaya was only banished from the Surya Lok. After this, Sangya started ignoring Shani as she detested him for being Chhaya and Surya Dev’s son. She was also after throwing him out of the Surya Lok.


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Chhaya, Shani’s real mother, is unable to bear this and rushes in to comfort Shani. She tries to hide from Sangya but eventually, gets caught. Sangya instantly creates a ball of fire to destroy Chhaya.


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Will Sangya actually be able to end Chhaya’s life? Tune in to Shani to know more, every Mon- Fri, 9PM!

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