Will Sangram change for good?
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  • November 9, 2013
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There have been fights in and around about Sangram playing a fair game or not. While Gauahar accuses Sangram of not taking a stand, the others housemate like Armaan and Pratyusha blame him for being Mr. Goody two shoes to be on a safer side.

Sangram has been caught red-handed many a times for changing his statements in order to continue to be in the good books of everybody. But yesterday we saw, Bigg Boss stepping in and giving a chance to Sangram to clear his stance and take a stand. Unaware of the fact that his answers are being scrutinized by the housemates themselves, for a change we saw Sangram spilling what he thinks to be true. Post the Sach Ka Saamna things were seen in a better manner. 

Candy and Elli came in to share some piece of advice for Sangram. While Candy suggested speak out whatever he feels, Elli on the other hand wants Sangram to skip saying anything at all. Rather than lying to people to make them happy, he should take a step back from the conversation. What did Sangram has to day to them, watch here.

How far would Sangram take his Good Boy image or will we see a new improved Sangram?, Well we should just wait and watch

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