Will Rishi find his Tanu in Tanuja?
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  • August 2, 2016
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20 years have passed since Tanu’s demise. Shattered Rishi, whose life revolved around Tanu, has still not been able to accept the reality completely. Though on the exterior he comes across as normal, his heart has gone completely silent and he has turned cold as a person. For him, words like love and attachment are dead and hold no meaning. With Tanu being gone, he has begun to hate any sentiment that is remotely associated with her memory.

Tanuja on the other hand believes that there is someone for whom she is born in this lifetime and constantly finds herself connected to emotions. Especially the letter R. Though she keeps getting flashes from the past, she is still forward looking in life and believes that true love exists.

Will Tanu find her way to Rishi’s heart? Will the call of her love awaken a hurtful past or heal Rishi from those broken memories?

Watch Kasam to see what unfolds next in Tanuja and Rishi’s life, Mon-Fri 10 PM.

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