Will Ranveer be able to rescue Ishani from Nirbhay?
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  • February 17, 2016
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Ranveer and Ishani's love story is the kinds that has seen many ups and down and through it all, Ishani has stood by her love Ranveer. After a lot of struggle and several attempts of Ranveer and Ishani to be together, somehow things have always worked against them. This week on Meri Ashiqui Hain Tum Se Hi, Ranveer will be seen making an attempt to make Ishani confess about the real reason behind her being with Nirbhay. To get her to reveal the real reason, Ranveer will be seen taking a big step. He will try committing suicide so that Ishani can be saved from Nirbhay's clutches and find the real cause which is keeping Ishani tied up to Nirbhay. Ranveer is seen getting restless about the possibility of Ishani being blackmailed by Nirbhay. Now it will be certainly exciting to watch whether Nirbhay will allow Ranveer and Ishani to reunite? Will RV's plan work and Ishani spill the beans about her and Nirbhay's fake marriage?

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