Will Rajat quit Bigg Boss?
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  • September 23, 2013
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It has been just a week since Bigg Boss started, but the housemates are already reeling under the pressure of the house. Hazel, who was the first to get evicted, fell violently sick and was down for most of the week. Almost all of the housemates have had fights because of the frustration and stress of survival.

But none of the housemates are suffering as much as Rajat Rawail. The plump and happy-go-lucky housemate has tried to keep his spirits up, but it looks like he is cracking under the pressure. We have already seen him complain about the lack of food and physical stress in the house, and he has also cried more than once as he was missing his daughter Gehna.

The new week will see Rajat finally lose his composure and beg Bigg Boss to be let out of the house. The Jannatwasis will be shocked to see Rajat crying and thrashing around, unable to bear the conditions in Bigg Boss. Rajat will be seen telling Bigg Boss that he has finally had enough of cutting down on his food, and ask Bigg Boss to be let out of the house.

Naturally, his friends Tanishaa, Sangram and Andy will try to get Rajat to calm down, but he will lash out at them in his frustration. Looks like Rajat is beyond maintaining any relations.

Will Bigg Boss listen to Rajat’s requests and let him go from the house? Or will Rajat recover from his meltdown and stay back? We’ll have to wait and watch! 

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