Will push the judging parameters higher this season: Karan Johar
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Karan Johar is excited to be the jury of India’s most spectacular reality show India’s got Talent for the second time. He is expecting lot of surprises and stunning performances from all the contestants. Here is a quick chat with this hard-to-please judge, blockbuster filmmaker Karan Johar on India’s got Talent Season 5


As a judge of the show what are you looking for in this season of IGT?

For me talent needs to inspire but also shake up the pre-conceived notions of excellence. Whether its dance, singing or any other creative act – I will look for a talent that enthralls and entertains me. This season, I am looking forward to pushing the judging parameters a notch higher to ensure that the contestants bring their absolute best at all times.


So, that means you are going to be a strict judge?

Well, yes you can say that. I have two ladies with me Kirron Kher and Malaika who will be little lenient and both of them are emotional human beings, not that I am not but then someone will have to balance it. That’s why iss saal mein thoda saqt rahunga with my judgement.


We see lot of emotional stories on the show but have you or anyone else related to the show has ever taken an initiative to help the talent grow beyond this show? May be using them in your films or something?

As far as my profession is concerned I can use singing and dancing talent in my films and in fact last season also whenever I used to come across a good voice I used to suggest my music director friends to listen to that voice. Similarly I have even asked choreographer Remo to have a look at some of the dancing groups who have participated. So I do whatever I can in my capacity. This season as well if I come across someone who I think can be used in my film I will definitely do it.


We see so many dangerous stunts in the show, as jury aren’t you concerned for the safety of the contestants and what are the measures taken to make sure nothing goes wrong?

The production team of the show is superb and they make sure that at no given point the safety of the contestants is compromised. In fact in real life some of them perform stunts without any safety measures because they don’t have any. But here in the show we make sure that all the safety measures are taken care of.


Showing so many dangerous stunts and acts on a prime time don’t you think is a bad idea even if it comes with a disclaimer?

Well this still is reality which we are showing there are so many things which are shown on prime time which are more dangerous or rather I would say regressive and illogical. Coming back to IGT I think yes we have a disclaimer which educates people. Also I personally feel that the audience has matured now and they know how to not get influenced by certain things. 


How is your equation with the other two judges?

I have known Kirron Kher for the longest time now. She is like my mother so its almost like having a family member with me. With Malaika we have been friends for a very long time now and we have an amazing rapport which people will see soon. So its fun to be around both the lovely ladies and we have a great chemistry with each other.


What talent Karan Johar is going to show in this season?

(laughs) Last time I showed my dancing talent and this time I am going to do trapeze, and stretching and lifting leg and all that. Malaika is going to train me (laughs). Jokes apart you will have to wait and watch for what I am going to do. Let’s keep it a surprise.


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