Will problems between Roop and Ishika end?
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This week on Roop, we open the episode with Roop being awarded by Shamsher for his bravery. He also announces a party for the same, however, Ishika isn’t happy. In a transition, we see that Roop is ready for the party and Ishika keeps the bravery medal along with other things that were burnt in the Holika dahan. Later, Shamsher is attending guests and Kamla welcomes Kanchan, Dinesh, and Jigna. Bua and Kamla are also shocked to see that Himani and Himanshu are invited to the party by Roop. Shamsher accepts Himani and Himanshu and gives them their blessings. How does everyone react to this? We also see Ishika getting drunk which leads to the family getting embarrassed.



The next morning, we see an angry Shamsher asking Ishika to leave the house for her behaviour, but Kanchan apologizes on her behalf. Will Shamsher forgive her? Later at home, bua asks Ishika to clean utensils as a punishment for what she did last night. In the meantime, she is shocked to see Jigna, Himani and Roop happily enter in the aangan and feels betrayed as Jigna promised her that she won’t speak to Roop as he has now become Kuroop. Sometime later at the dining table, Kamla asks Ishika to join in but she leaves saying she is not hungry and Roop angrily says let her not eat if she does not want to.

Will problems between Roop and Ishika end? Tune in to Roop from Monday to Friday at 10 pm.

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