Will problems between Raghu and Dhanak end?
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  • Nupur Jetly
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  • July 22, 2019
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  • 12:49 pm

Tonight, on Gathbandhan, Dhanak is made to prepare food in such a position that the spices go into her eyes thus making it difficult for her to cook. Maayi in the meantime teaches Maaya to make chole puri and goes out for her meeting. Maaya tries to cook but is unable to do so. Instead, she plans on ordering food from a restaurant. Later, Dhanak takes over and cooks with her swollen eyes. Seeing Dhanak cook, Maaya conveniently taunts her and when Raghu comes in to check on the food, she even takes all the credit for Dhanak’s hard work.

Later, Dhanak is waiting for Raghu with her swollen eyes and remembers how Raghu had once removed dust from her eye! A romantic flashback makes Dhanak very emotional. Just then, she gets distracted by some commotion next door. A man is seen beating his wife and Dhanak intervenes, however, this isn’t appreciated by them. Raghu comes to save Dhanak who got pushed by the man. What happens next? Is this going to bring #RaNak close?

Tune in to Gathbandhan tonight at 9 pm to know more!

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