Will Priya learn the truth?
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  • February 19, 2021
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Tomorrow on Kuch toh hai: Naagin ek naye rang mein, we see Rags who is trying too hard to send Priya away from the house. Priya also ends up getting a scholarship. Rehan, in order to get away from Tina, announces that Priya is his girlfriend and saves Priya from getting bullied. On hearing this, Mohit doesn’t seem very pleased. Rehan puts Priya in a dilemma as he asks her to play his girlfriend in front of Tina or lose the job that Priya really needs. Rags, on the other hand, sees them and feels they are getting attracted to each other. Rehan and Priya then argue in the storeroom and Rehan locks Priya inside it, however, Priya magically comes and Rehan wonders how!

Later, Pam calls up Sidharth and invites them for dinner so that they can decide Arnav and Swati’s engagement date as well as Mohit and Soumya’s. Even when Rags doesn’t want Priya to accompany them, she fails, and while all of them leave for Arnav’s house. Rehan comes to pick Priya and tells her to be his girlfriend. Tina, on the other hand, keeps eye on Rehan and Priya, and in order to show Tina, Priya plays the role of Rehan’s girlfriend and asks him to click pics with her which Rehan tries to avoid since the camera will reveal the real colour of his eye. Priya keeps on telling him that he has to behave a certain way else Tina will get to know. He eventually switches the camera from selfie mode to the regular mode and takes the phone before Priya can see the pic.

Will she doubt him? Stay tuned to Kuch toh hai: Naagin ek naye rang mein every Saturday-Sunday at 8 pm sharp.

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