Will Prem expose Naina and Khushi?
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Naina, guided along by Khushi, has the Bharadwaj family nearly wrapped around her little finger with her fake pregnancy for which she holds Siddhant responsible. After the initial hostility, the elders of the family have reluctantly made their peace with the situation, with Mataji even promising Naina that she would not be discriminated against and will get all the care necessary for her pregnancy. 

With this development, it looks like Naina and Khushi have cornered the Bharadwaj family into doing their bidding. But before they can get too confident, they might want to keep an eye out for Prem, because he is not buying Naina’s pregnancy drama. Already, we’ve seen him become suspicious about Khushi’s surprising support for Naina and Naina’s behaviour with Simar. This is why he suggested that Naina get checked by their family doctor so that her pregnancy could be confirmed. But unfortunately, Khushi found a way to fool the doctor and prevent Naina’s truth from coming out. 

But Prem is still not convinced about Naina’s intentions, and in the future, will be seen trying to get to the bottom of the issue in his own way. Prem has also tried to express his misgivings in front of Simar, but since she is occupied with finding Roli, it looks like it will be a lone battle for Prem. 

While Naina is slowly getting support from the women in the family, and even Siddhant owning up to his responsibilities, it will be interesting to see if Prem manages to expose Naina and Khushi before they inflict some real damage on the Bharadwaj family


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