Will Pankti believe KK?
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  • August 6, 2018
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This week on Tu Aashiqui, we see Vikram trying to stop Rangoli from performing at the concert and she threatens him to end the contract. Mana, however, tries to manage the situation by telling Vikram that they cannot stop Rangoli from doing charity. Pankti sees Rangoli holding Ahaan’s hand in the car and doesn’t look very happy about it. Going forward, Monty comes to meet Purva to find out the truth which Kaira overhears on answering a call unknowingly. She is then seen informing the family about the conversation she heard between Monty and Purva, and Aparna secretly hopes that Pankti resolves the matter soon.


In a sequence going forward, Pankti comes to know from KK that Vivek was Rangoli’s boyfriend and that she trapped him in the same way as KK. He also warns Pankti to be careful. Later, Pankti feels that she is being followed by someone and Ahaan thinks it is Rangoli’s stalker. Who could this be?


Ahaan and Pankti are not being able to focus on their practice because of Rangoli’s presence. How will they get over this? What happens next? Stay tuned to Tu Aashiqui from Monday to Friday at 7 pm.

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