Will Naina succeed in an attempt to transform Karan’s feelings?
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In the current plot of 'Ek Sringaar Swabhimaan' we have seen how Naina and Karan even being husband and wife haven't been able to accept their relationship. Although Karan has several reasons to stay aloof from Naina, he ensures to take care of her otherwise. At the same place Naina being his wife is well aware of her duties and constantly thinks for the best for her husband. She believes in maintaining the relationship at any cost, for that matter even if Karan doesn't reciprocate with any sort of feelings for her. Knowing about his skin condition Naina takes all possible measures to ensure he gets better with the skin allergies. She plunges deep into knowing the kind of medication Karan has been having over the years.






Karan is well aware that Naina is a great human being and also cares for him, but he chooses to stay rigid and have no emotional inclination towards her.






Will this stay like this forever? Or Naina will be able to change his heart some day?


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