Will Madhu agree to act for RK’s film? #Madhubala 20th September
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  • September 20, 2013
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Mehul sees RK and Madhu on the TV monitor and asks for the camera to keep rolling. He screams saying he finally found the heroine for their new film. RK gets a call and steps out with Bittooji. Madhu is shocked when she learns that Mehul was referring her as the heroine. She says she doesn’t want to be an actress. Mehul tries to convince her that she is perfect for this role and it’s her destiny that’s chosen her for this role. Madhu ask Mehul not to discuss this with RK and he agrees. RK informs Madhu that the bank is willing to give him loan for the new film. At home Deepali instigates Pabbo against Madhu and tells her that she will get late as she has gone for supervising auditions for RK. Pabbo understands her pretence and asks her to massage her feet. Deepali reluctantly agrees to. Sikki comes with Deepali's audition tape and Pabbo is shocked to see deepali in that light.

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