Will Kunal win over Siddhi once again? Weekly Recap 15th Jan- 21st Jan
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For the second time since Kunal and Siddhi got married Kunal’s life was coming apart. He stood still in the hospital for sometime, trying to absorb the news of Siddhi’s death. Watch Kunal going through a gamut of emotions. Abhay on the other hand, is trying to absorb a similar shock wave but it refused to ebb! He was more concerned about losing Andy than about Siddhi. 

After realizing that Siddhi wasn’t among the deceased, Kunal rushes to file a missing complaint in the police station, where he bumps into Abhay and Abhay tries to meddle with the investigation by telling the cops that Kunal is the one who got Siddhi kidnapped. Watch how Abhay manipulated the case.

Based on Abhay’s suspicion, the cops tell Kunal that they want to be sure if Siddhi’s disappearance was an accident or a kidnapping. Watch as Abhay instructs Kunal to co-operate during the investigation as Richa jumps to Kunal’s defence.

Kunal visits the hospital again where he is told that many patients were discharged. Just as Kunal steps out of the hospital, he spots Abhay’s driver and gets suspicious. Later in the day, Abhay reaches Chopra house and tries to cajole Andy to come with him, but Andy refuses. Watch Abhay’s futile efforts to convince Andy! 

When Kunal returns home, Andy tells him how Abhay tried to take him along. Kunal tries to pacify him and convinces Andy to go to Abhay’s house. Seeing Andy in the house, Abhay gets excited. Andy then pleads Abhay to take him away and that he wants Siddhi to be with him. As Abhay is telling Andy about Siddhi, Kunal arrives with the cops. Watch the drama unfold here!

Cops search the house and find Siddhi lying inside one of the rooms. Kunal breaks down and cries inconsolably on seeing her surrounded by the nurses. He talks to Siddhi and tells her that he will never doubt her again. Watch the touching moment between the two!

Kunal rushes Siddhi to the hospital where she has to undergo trauma treatment. He decides to resume his practice again. Outside the court, a man offers to pay double fees to whichever lawyer gets his work done. Kunal offers his services and tries hard to finish the job within the stipulated time. Watch how Kunal struggled to get the work done!

After Kunal receives his payment he buys medicines for Siddhi. But the doctors tell him that Siddhi is not responding to any kind of treatment and has lost the will to live. They tell him that it is now in Kunal’s hands to revive all the pleasant memories of the past and reassure Siddhi that she is important to his life and his family Watch the video now!

Will Kunal be able to bring Siddhi out of his trauma? Will they be united again? We shall tell you, just keep reading the weekly updates!

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