Will Kesari figure her way out?
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  • June 11, 2019
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Every passing week, Kesari is making space in our hearts and owing to all the love you've been giving her, we cannot wait to unveil what’s in store for you this week. This week, Hanumant is assured that Jagat is ready to fight against Kesari Nandan Singh. He then organizes a kushti challenge and invites everyone.

Madhvi, on the other hand, is worried thinking how Kesari will manage it all but Kesari convinces her mother that she will not let anything go wrong. On the day of the kushti challenge, we see a serious fight between Kesari and Jagat. Who do you think emerges victorious?

Going forward, Hanumant Singh asks Kesari about his father’s name and even expresses interest in speaking to him. This leaves both, Kesari and Madhvi shocked. Kesari, however, convinces her mother that she will figure something out. Madhvi is still worried and decides to tell Hanumant the truth about Kesari. What happens next? Is this the end of Kesari’s dream?






Tune in to Kesari Nandan from Monday to Friday at 8:30 pm.

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