Will Ichcha’s death affect Maiyya’s plans?
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Recently we witnessed one of the biggest turning points in Uttaran when Ichcha sacrificed her life for Tapasya and donated her heart to her. While the news came as a shock to other family members, her death also resulted in Nani and Mai acknowledging their past mistakes. They were seen mourning Ichcha’s death and apologizing to her dead body. Too late, isn’t it?

Talking about vamps, we have to mention Ichcha’s biggest nemesis Maiyya who has till now managed to trap Meethi in her house and has isolated her from the world.  Last we saw how Surabhi sent a telegram to Maiyya updating them about Ichcha’s death. Now what is left to see is how Maiyya will react to this news. Will she free Meethi from her clutches and let her go or will she take advantage of this situation? 

Since Thakur family has decided to not immerse Ichcha’s ashes in water until Meethi returns, we have heard that Maiyya is planning to hide Ichcha’s death from Meethi so that her soul doesn’t rest in peace. In upcoming episodes we will also see Maiyya and family celebrating Ichcha’s death and will make Meethi dance on this occasion. Unaware that she is dancing on her own mother’s death, Meethi will be seen enjoying this party with utmost enthusiasm.

We thought with Ichcha’s death, Maiyya will change her mind and forget the past but evil that she is, this latest gossip surely sounds dangerous for Meethi. We hope that Meethi finds out about her mother’s death soon and gets away from Maiyya as soon as possible. What do you think will Maiyya’s next move be? And how can Meethi get out of this situation? Let us know in your comments below!


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