Will Hope Lead Saumya To Harman?
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  • September 27, 2016
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Stern on her words, Saumya doesn't want the sufferings faced by people of her world to reach a new born child. She considers it great injustice on Guru Maa's part to script the fate of a child. 
She takes the safety of that child upon herself and wants the child to be back home in the arm of its parents. 




When Surbhi gets to know of this, she decides to be on a lookout for Saumya, hoping she will find her sister back.



Meanwhile, Preeto is well aware of the fact that Harman won't cease his efforts to find Saumya. So this time she lays down a stern condition. If Harman cannot find Saumya within 9 days he will have to give up on her entirely.





Will Harman be able to find his way back to Saumya or will time play the cruel vendor of false hope? Watch only on Shakti on Wednesday at 8PM!

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