Will Harman have to forget about Saumya?
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Despite his attempt Harman couldnt meet Saumya due to Saaya. Right when he thought she was around, Saaya hid Saumya away from his vision.
Already disturbed and disappointed Harman returns home only to figure that his mother, Preeto was trying to put an end to her life. 
She vents out at Harman saying that he will have to forget about Saumya and wash her memories away. She asks him to burn down Saumya's memories if at all he wants his mother to be alive.

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He gives into his mother's demand. Preeto is extremely surprised to see this sudden change in him. He says he wants to forget about her and erase all her memories. He locks himself into his room and starts throwing things around that remind him of Saumya. Right in the middle of all this he finds a letter written by Saumya addressed to him. 


What will happen when he reads that letter? Will he change his mind or stick with his decision?

Watch what step will Harman take on Shakti, Monday – Friday at 8PM!

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