Will Hanumant find out about Kesari’s truth?
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On asking Loha Singh to be Kesari’s fake father, Kesari struggles to pay him the two hundred rupees he demanded. On sorting all of it, she finally gets him to be his father. She then guides him to meet her father at their residence. Does this meeting go as per Kesari’s plan?






Going forward, tonight, on Kesari Nandan, Zorawar takes Loha Singh aside to tell Hanumant his truth. Because Zorawar is drunk, Hanumant pays no heed to what he has to say. Jawahar, on the other hand, learns that Kesari Nandan Singh has taken his place in kushti, and with a heavy heart informs the same to his father. This new development annoys Atma Ram to quite an extent and he decides to take revenge for this. Will he succeed in his mission? Tune in to Kesari Nandan tonight at 8:30 pm to find out what happens next?

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