Will Dhinchak Pooja be able to impress Bigg Boss with her latest rap?
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  • October 27, 2017
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Dhinchak Pooja, came to limelight because of her rapping and singing we all know but interesting bit to see in the last episode was; she being asked by Bigg Boss himself to create a new song on the  Bigg Boss show and her co-housemates! Bigg Boss also added saying if he likes the song and if she is successful in making a nice song then the housemates will get their luxury budget back! This thing brought a big smile on the faces of all gharwaalez, they all got equally excited. Pooja could also take help of Akash and Arshi (the ones in jail with her) in making the song.







So in tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 11, be ready for a latest creation by Dhinchak Pooja. Let’s see if she is able to impress Bigg Boss!





Do watch how Sapna gets upset after a line about her in the song doesn’t go down too well with her. She says she has an illness and people shouldn’t be making fun of that!






What is it all about?







Watch everything tonight!


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