Will Chakor get killed by Vivaan on Udann?
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We recently saw how Ranjana talks against Chakor telling Vivaan that Chakor is the culprit, and was also aware about the death of his father ever since the beginning, but chose to keep it hidden from him. Vivaan gets the shock of his life and plans revenge against Chakor.





Vivaan looks for the right moment to kill Chakor, which could be the best vengeance for him. He secretly drops a sleeping pill in Chakor’s juice, and very soon Chakor falls asleep. He also doesn’t want to kill her so easily but wants to make her realize her mistake first. The moment Imli steps out of the house for some urgent work, Vivaan utilizes the moment.





Chakor after waking up sees that she is tied with rope and gets stunned. Vivaan points gun at her and yells why she did that to him, why did she kept such a huge secret hidden from him! Chakor tries explaining him that he is misunderstanding her but Vivaan looks extremely mad and doesn’t listen to her.





Here Sooraj and Imli set out to keep an eye on Ragini, getting deeper into knowing what are Vivaan and Ragini upto.


Later we will see how Vivaan plays the gun game with Chakor, he would be seen giving a chance for survival to Chakor by playing the game wherein Chakor will be pulling the trigger every time she gets saved. The game would continue until the gun shot finally happens!


Chakor’s life is in a threat! How will Sooraj and Imli get to know about this? Will they be able to save her?


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