Will Chakor divorce Sooraj on ‘Udann’?
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The troubles in Chakor and Sooraj’s lives seem to be never ending. In the last few episodes we saw how Sooraj is still hopeful about Chakor coming back to him, but circumstances don’t allow this to happen.





Here Chakor confronts Vivaan about him fooling the villagers by making them sign a contract wherein villagers would have to give away their children if they would fail to make a certain number of guns. The villagers face problems while doing the same as they realize they wouldn’t be able to complete the same without taking the help of their children. Knowing the the matter Chakor gets infuriated and warns Vivaan to stop all of this.






In the further episodes we will see how Sooraj with a clean intent wants to help out Chakor and the villagers but this time Chakor doesn’t show faith in him. In fact Chakor’s anger further amplifies when she sees Sooraj and Imli together.


She determines to break all the ties with Sooraj and expresses the same in front of her parents. Chakor wants to have a divorce.




What will Sooraj do now?


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