Will Brinda be able to save Dev’s life? Watch the Grand Finale of Naagin: Bhagya ka Zehrila Khel tonight on Colors!
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  • August 7, 2020
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On the grand finale of Naagin: Bhagya ka Zehrila Khel, we see Brinda taking to her Naagin avatar and killing Parekh family members one by one during the shaadi rituals. It is later revealed that Vishakha is the one attacking the family disguised as Brinda, while Brinda is lying unconscious in another room. She then carries the semi-conscious Dev to the laal tekdi mandir to get the naagmani out of him when Brinda arrives and a confrontation happens between the two. Vishakha even warns Brinda that killing her for revenge could take Dev’s life. Vish then asks Brinda to bring him to the laal tekdi mandir, and if she doesn’t, she could lose Dev forever.

Later we see Brinda entering the mandir with Dev who is on the verge on dying. The temple looks strange and with a lot of different naagins posters. She looks around in astonishment. Brinda also sees Shalakha and Vishakha entering the temple. They warn Brinda that her husband Dev will die in sometime as they will take the naagmani out of him. What will Brinda do now?  Will she be able to save the love of her life?



Tune in to the grand finale of Naagin: Bhagya ka zehrila khel tomorrow at 8 pm sharp!

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