Will Bondita’s promise make way for trouble?
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  • September 4, 2020
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Tonight on Barrister Babu’s Maha Episode, Anirudh meets Saudamini’s doctor who says that he couldn’t find out the reason but his analysis say that should be suffering from mental illness. Just then, Anirudh remembers what Mini’s father had said. Doctor suggests keeping her happy and spending time with her and to be a loving husband. On hearing this, Anirudh clarifies that he is not her husband. Just then Saudamini enters and asks Anirudh to leave as they would be late for Bondita’s class.

Back at home, Bondita is seen speaking to a dog. She asks him about the whereabouts of her teacher who is seen entering just then. Looking at him, Bondita is a little worried as Anirudh isn’t home, however, she tells herself that she will not break her promise. Heading towards the car, Anirudh is looking for keys and to cause further delay, Saudamini starts acting bipolar and tries to suicide. Anirudh is shocked and starts running behind her. Saudamini picks up a sickle and is talking about killing herself when Anirudh tries to talk her out of it and in the chaos ends up saying “Pyaar sirf tum ho.” This makes Saudamini very happy and finally they’re on their way home. At home, Masterji hits Bondita. She is scared and wonders if she should run away but her promise to Anirudh makes her stay. What will she do? Will Anirudh make it in time?

Tune in to Barrister Babu tonight at 9 pm sharp to know what happens next!

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