Will Bihaan’s Love for Thapki turn bitter?
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  • July 29, 2016
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Thapki’s life is up for a tragic stir. While Dhruv has been a friend in the past, he is making all the efforts to stop Bihaan and Thapki’s wedding from taking place. One after the other all his plans are falling into place and Bihaan feels constantly betrayed. Due to Dhruv’s well laid plan Thapki is caught in the whirlpool of emotions, where she has to side with Dhruv unwillingly or else he would harm Shraddha. Bihaan’s sentiments are extremely hurt.  He has given Thapki a deadline of 48 hrs to come clean regarding what’s brewing between her and Dhruv and confess the truth in front of the entire family. Thapki is lost for answers as to how she must fix this and make Bihaan believe that there is nothing between her and Dhruv. Meanwhile Dhruv sends divorce papers to Shraddha and she is left aghast. Shraddha is enraged and wants to eliminate the root cause of this-Thapki.

Looks like Thapki’s life has no mention of mercy. Will Shraddha seek her revenge? Will Dhruv succeed in his plans to create a deeper rift between Bihaan and Thapki? Will Bihaan give up on his belief in Thapki ? Will Thapki withstand this storm ?

Watch all this and more on the maha episode on 30th July at 7pm.


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