Will Bela kill Mahir?
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Sumitra instructs Bela and Mahir to visit to the famous Devi temple to seek the Goddesses’ blessing as a married couple. Vishakha encourages Bela to finish Mahir off as this is the perfect chance for her to finally punish him for killing Vikrant. As they are leaving the house, the police attempts to question Bela with regards to Rehan and his whereabouts. Mahir fends them off and asks them to leave Bela alone as he has full confidence in her that she doesn't have anything to do with Rehan's whereabouts. 

As they reach the temple, Mahir prays for Bela's well-being and watching this, Bela starts to anticipate if Mahir killed Vikrant or not. On the way back, Bela attempts to kill Mahir but seeing him worried for her even when his life is in danger throws her off her mission. 





On the other hand, Anu tries to find proof against Bela and finds the posters where she has marked Yuvi, Karan and Rehan's face off on a poster. Here, everyone starts to doubt Bela, but Jamini comes to her rescue and Anu is thrown out of the Sehgal house in an attempt of framing Bela.  





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