Will Bani’s emotional blackmail trick Tanu into marriage?
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Tanu and Rishi are madly in love with each other, however because of Rishi’s marriage being fixed with Neha, Tanu decides not to profess her feelings towards him. During the mehendi ceremony of Neha and Rishi, Bani emotionally blackmails Tanu by showing her a letter from her parents which says that her chacha and chachi would look for a suitable groom for Tanu. Emotional to see a letter from her parents, Tanu agrees to the proposition and Bani sets forth in her mission to find a suitable boy for Tanu.

Rishi on hearing this is shocked and is seen confessing his love to her. However, Tanu remains firm to the ground and holds onto her emotions. Bani gives the pictures of all the prospective grooms to Rishi to select. Rishi who is in no mood to give up Tanu so easily, along with his brother Manpreet choose a picture of a funny looking boy for Tanu, and go onto to make an announcement in front of the entire family that they have found a suitable match for Tanu. Tanu agrees to the match and the prospective groom’s parents arrange a meeting with the family.

With Tanu’s marriage also being fixed to someone else, how will the two finally unite? Will Rishi put a stop to the marriage and get Tanu to openly come out and confess her true feelings for him? Will Neha on seeing the growing proximity between Rishi decide to get hitched to Rishi at the earliest, so that Tanu doesn’t get the time to confess her feelings for Rishi.

Stay tuned to find out.

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