Will Aradhya and Aryan’s past draw a permanent wedge in their relationship?
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Aryan who has come to believe that Tulsi is having an illegitimate relationship with his father Shashwat goes to Kumudini’s house with his goons to burn the place down. Just when he is about set fire to the place, Aradhya comes to stop him only to find out that Aryan is in fact Pradyumn’s grandson. Aryan is also taken aback by the revelation and threatens her to leave Krishnavati along with her family.


Kumudini on the other hand hatches a plan with Devesh, Saraswati’s brother-in-law in order to get back at Pradyumn. Devesh agrees to help Kumudini because of the ill-treatment meted out to Michael (Saraswati’s husband) by Pradyumn.

Aradhya lodges a complaint against Aryan in the police station and when Damini, the new police constable goes to arrest Aryan, Devesh proclaims openly that Aryan couldn’t have threatened to burn down the house as he was home since morning. Listening to Devesh’s statement, Damini is forced to leave the house which makes Pradyumn happy and he offers Devesh a job.


Just before leaving for Pune- Aradhya, Tulsi and Kumudini decide to go to the Krishna temple to seek blessings and discover that the Krishna idol is missing. Disturbed by the turn of events, Kumudini decides to not leave Krishnavati and go hungry till the idol is retrieved. While all of this is going on Pradyumn, Aryan and Damini reach the temple and are shocked to see them.

Aryan and Aradhya get into an ugly spat with each one accusing the other of stealing the idol. The police begin their search from Aradhya’s place and find nothing but on reaching Pradyumn’s house, they discover the idol in Pradyumn’s room. Pradyumn is shocked and embarrassed by this discovery only to be rescued by Devesh at the last moment who takes the blame upon himself to protect Pradyumn. This gesture of Devesh wins over Pradyumn’s trust who in turn bails him out of jail and lets him stay in his outhouse. It is later revealed that it is all along Kumudini’s plan and she was the one to place the idol in Pradyumn’s room in order to get Devesh closer to him.


Aryan who is already dead against Tulsi turns even angrier after Nakku bai instigates Aryan against Tulsi and he takes out all his anger on Shashwat who then accuses Gayatri of brainwashing their son. Upset with his wife Pavitra, Shashwat storms out of the house after making a declaration that this was the end of their relationship.

Upset over the false accusations made by his wife and son, Shashwat gets himself so drunk that he barely has any hold over himself. Unable to find her husband, Pavitra asks Aryan to look for Shashwat. While Aryan is busy looking for his father, Aradhya comes across a drunken Shashwat and takes him back home. With so much of animosity already in the air between the families, will Shashwat’s presence in Tulsi’s house make it worse? Will Shashwat come back to being sober before it’s too late?


Munim on the other side is busy planning Aradhya’s kidnapping along with Govardhan. On the pretext of being Aryan, Munim sends Aradhya a note and asks her to meet him in the middle of the night. Will Munim succeed in putting his plans into action? Will Aradhya find out that it’s just a ploy before it’s too late?

Stay tuned to Krishndasi to find out what happens next


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